Wednesday, June 3, 2009

EU Elections?

Belgium's EU Parliament elections are this Sunday, and I'm not much closer to knowing how much it weighs on the minds of voters--who are required by law to show up to the polls. My colleague at work seems to think it's a violation of human rights that citizens should be required by law to vote. Though she also couldn't fathom not voting. And true, in the U.S. we have the luxury to decide for ourselves whether or not to be apathetic, seems we take even that for granted...

Check out 100 Voters -- a photo essay by the EP surveying people around the city of Brussels on whether they've decided who to vote for. The EP certainly wants to rally the troops and word on the street is few EU folks care as much about EP elections as they do about local.

In other news, our first weekend we spent on a whirlwind tour of Flanders, for which I find this picture to be incredibly stereotypical. The weather was what I call schizophrenic, mostly raining, with random spots of sunshine and sudden bursts of cold wind. But our fearless leader Jerry (Dr. Sheridan) gave us phenomenal walking tours through Antwerp, Ghent and Brugge--well worth braving the rain. Here he is in the church in Antwerp keeping us informed while we tried not to disturb the serenity for worshippers.

So much about Flanders was wonderful. And just to prove that being a vegetarian in Belgium is nowhere near as difficult as you might think, feast your eyes on this delightful mushroom plate I ordered at a charming restaurant in Ghent--by far my favorite of the three towns. Savory and satisfying...

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